Repstance Privacy policy

We promise to protect your privacy and your data. We never sell your data. We collect and use your data only if you give us permission.

You have the following rights:

Right to access. You can see what data we have collected whenever you want.

Right to take your data. The data is yours. You can copy or move it whenever you want.

Right to erasure. We'll erase your personal data whenever you say the word. And even if you don't ask us to delete the data, we'll keep it only so long as it helps us serve you.

Right to restrict use. If you want us to stop using your data, we'll stop.

Right to lodge a complaint. We will protect your privacy and we will honor your choices. And if you feel we've failed in any way, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority in your region.


We will only ask for data that help our products delight you. We'll only ask for the minimum data we need, depending on the products and services you use. If you don't want to share your data, some of our products may not work, or work as well.

Here is some information we might request:

Your contact information, including name, job title, email address, phone number, and physical address;

Your geographic region, including the city and state/province/region in which you reside, so we can comply with local laws;

Your device and network configuration, information about third party software for data processing and management, any system performance related information so we can optimize your product experience.

Additional data collection can help us improve our products for other customers. To help us provide the very best experiences for you and customers everywhere, we'd like to collect some additional information about your infrastructure and its performance. But we won't collect anything unless you tell us it's okay. This additional data includes:

Your server or network's technical information so we can find problems with certain devices and configurations;

Your error data so we can learn about the errors and fix them;

Your crash data so we can find and fix bugs.

We may analyze the data we've collected based on our interests in business forecasting and new product development. And, if you consent, we may use this data to identify certain audiences, including you, to receive relevant advertising.


If you do business with us, or if you sign up for our business literature, newsletters, conferences, or webinars, we may obtain or supplement your data with information from third parties such as your company name or job title. We may use this information to show you personalized website content. We may also share your contact information with a REPSTANCE representative or business partner so they can communicate with you about REPSTANCE - branded products or services.


We’ll transfer and keep your data in secure servers in the UK, where we are located. We adhere to the Privacy Principles of notice, choice, and accountability for onward transfer, security, data integrity, purpose limitation, access, recourse, enforcement, and liability. We remain responsible for any of your personal information that is shared with third parties for processing on our behalf.


If you have any questions about REPSTANCE's Privacy Policy, please send an email to: