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Migration to Snowflake has always been a challenging task.  In this video we are showing how this can be easy and fast with Repstance!

Repstance is currently listed on AWS and Azure platforms and is also available from these as a “5 Day Free Trial – excluding associated platform costs” and currently supports: Oracle 10G through 19C – using either Logminer, Redo-logs or ASM as the Data Capture method. The last 2 significantly reduce any loading on an Oracle DB when it is used as the Source. 

Any version of MSSQL Server that permits the use of CDC (Change Data Capture) as Source DB’s Oracle10G – 19C, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora (using either PostgreSQL or MySQL engines), Redshift and Snowflake as Target DB’s 



If you need help deciding what's the best solution for your company please feel free to reach out to where one of our data professionals will be happy to advise you.