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7.12 Validate Apply Process

The “validate” Apply Process command is used to perform a set of background checks to ensure that all the necessary parameters have been supplied to enable the functionality of an Apply configuration on the Target Database. This command will also provide the “last” successfully applied transaction’s LSN/SCN but only if the Apply Process has previously been run or reset.


  • Endpoint: https://repstance_url/configure/process
  • MethodPOST
  • Header:
    • Content-Type: application/json
    • X-Token: token
  • Body:
      "command": "validate",
      "parameters": [

Server response:

  • HTTP Status – Status of the command, possible codes are:
    • 200 – if no error occurs
    • 422 – if error occurs
  • Body:
      "Message":"The command execution details"

CLI Syntax:

repcli validate process=apply id=applyID 

The input parameters are:

  • process – The only possible value is apply
  • id – The Apply Process Identifier

In case the Status is Invalid the Message will contain detailed information about the validation error.