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7.11 Show Apply Process

The “show” Apply Process command is used to show an Apply configuration. This command will show the latest ”Set” of configured Processes, regardless of whether or not the Apply Process has been “stopped and re-applied”, this will not necessarily be the configuration of the currently running Apply Process.

Note – If the configuration has been changed when the Apply Process is running, the “show” command will still display the currently configured Apply Process, and not the “running” one.


  • Endpoint: https://repstance_url/configure/process
  • Method: POST
  • Header:
    • Content-Type: application/json
    • X-Token: token
  • Body:
      "command": "show",
      "parameters": [

Server response:

  • HTTP Status – Status of the command, possible codes are:
    • 200 – if no error occurs
    • 422 – if error occurs
  • Body:
      "Message":"The command execution details",

The in the “parameters” section all enabled Process’s parameters along with their values are provided.

CLI Syntax:

repcli show process=apply id=applyID 

The input parameters are:

  • process – The only possible value is apply
  • id – The Apply Process Identifier

Note – Only in the case that the command completes successfully will the response contain all the “parameter” values and at the same time this information will be displayed in Plain Text in the “Message” display.