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7.7 Validate Capture Process

The “validate” Capture Process command is used to perform a set background checks to ensure that all the necessary parameters have been supplied to enable the functionality of a Capture configuration.


  • Endpoint: https://repstance_url/configure/process
  • Method: POST
  • Header:
    • Content-Type: application/json
    • X-Token: token
  • Body:
      "command": "validate",
      "parameters": [

Server response:

  • HTTP Status – status of the command, possible codes are:
    • 200 – if no error occurs
    • 422 – if error occurs
  • Body:
      "Message":"The command execution details",

CLI Syntax:

repcli validate process=capture id=captureID 

The input parameters are:

  • process– The only possible value is capture
  • id–The Capture Process identifier

In case the Status is Invalid the Message will contain detailed information about the validation error.